Since the launch of Black Ops Cold War Zombies Treyarch has tweaked many great weapons in Zombies- this along with access to new statistics means we can determine Top 10 Best Guns to use in Cold War Zombies!

The changes Treyarch has made to weapon damage in prior patches to the game have to be taken into account now. As well as discussion will mostly be based around the best Pack-A-Punched weapon in the game.

We also have access to advanced damage statistics so we can determine which gun does the most damage in Cold War Zombies. It is also a helpful tool in comparing the best weapon to use in each class in the game.

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0:00 New Updated Weapon Changes and Stats
0:35 Second Highest Damage AR
1:15 Highest Damage SMG
1:46 Second Highest DPS In The Game
2:25 The Highest Damage AR
3:19 Highest Damage LMG
4:25 Multiplayer Players Worst Enemy
6:10 The Highest Tier of Wepons
6:43 Hand Cannon
7:55 Everyone’s Best Friend
9:26 Highest DPS Damage in The Game
10:38 Feel the Power of The Best Weapon
12:08 Honorable Mentions

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